Why Conzierge MD

What is Unique About Gulf Coast Concierge MD?

There are primarily two significant differences that set Gulf Coast Concierge MD(GCC MD) apart from other retainer practices. First, Christen Zuschke MD (aka “Dr Z”), has a rather extensive and unique medical background. He has over thirty years experience with and been board-certified in internal medicine, geriatrics, forensics, emergency medicine, anti-aging medicine, and regenerative medicine! This gives him a very well-rounded background to address a wide variety of medical problems.

Secondly, Dr. Z offers evaluation and treatment for regenerative and anti-aging medicine at no additional cost except for ancillary lab or other testing. This includes adult bio identical hormone replacement as well as all other aspects of this state of the art medical practice designed to make you feel better, live longer, and look your best!

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My mission is to provide professional and quality medical care with optimal, personalized access, not dictated by the burden of insurance companies.